Invisible Comments

I was working on a collaborative Word 2007 document last night when all the comment balloons off to the side suddenly collapsed. Eventually I realized that the comment text was still there, but it was microscopic. I was unable to fix the problem by bringing up the last saved version of the file.

After searching around, I found the answer at the end of this discussion. The solution is obscure, and I doubt I would have found it otherwise. Here’s how to fix the problem:

1. Select the Home tab.

2. Click the little arrow at the lower right of the Styles section. This brings up the “Styles” box.

3. Click on the Manage Styles button. This is the rightmost of the cryptic icons at the bottom of the Styles box.

4. Scroll through the styles (which aren’t alphabetized) until you find “Balloon Text.” In will probably be in gray with the notation “(Hide until Used).”

5. Click on Balloon Text and use the Modify button to change the font size to something readable.

6. You might want to select the option “New documents based on this template.”

7. Click OK when you’re done.

The comment text had changed to size 1. I still don’t know how that happened.

It seems like the more I work with Word (it’s been more than 20 years), the more frustrating it gets.

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