From 2D to 3D

AgentSheets is a dynamic system that is analogous to a traditional spreadsheet, but instead of formulas there are “agents.”  The agents can  represent people, animals, cars, trees or anything that moves or changes.  The user programs their behavior graphically, and then the agents interact with each other and their environment.  AgentSheets has been used to simulate the spread of contagious diseases and the flow of traffic, and to build games.  I’ve enjoyed experimenting with an existing simulation of predators and prey, and I will build some new simulations related to finance and other topics.

Most importantly, AgentSheets has helped get children excited about learning how to program computers and to control technology for themselves.  This is a great way to improve computer science education.

AgentSheets environments are two-dimensional, but now AgentCubes expands into three dimensions.  The video above is a sneak peak at AgentCubes.  It shows how easily a 3D scenario can be made from a flat one.

AgentCubes is now available in full-featured beta version from AgentSheets, Inc.  For full disclosure, I note that my wife consults for the company.

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