A Revolution in Physics: The Book

My friend Ben Solomon has written a new book: An Introduction to Gravity Modification.  According to Ben,

To facilitate gravity modification as a space propulsion technology and propose new avenues towards interstellar travel, I have had to take propulsion physics out of the realm of particle-based quantum & string theories while staying close to the experimental data. The discovery of the Non-Inertia (Ni) Field unifies gravity, electromagnetism and mechanical forces.

This book documents the first major break from traditional gravitational theories in 346 years, since Newton, because we don’t need to know the mass of the gravitating body to calculate gravitational acceleration.

In the Foreword, physicist Andrew Beckwith writes “If Solomon is correct, then interstellar travel is possible.”

I’ve written about Ben’s physics research here and here.

Update: Here is a brief Forbes interview with Ben about his book.

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