Upcoming Talk on the National Debt

On Wednesday, October 24, I will give a talk to the Finance Club of the University of Colorado at Boulder.  The name of the talk is “A Professional’s Guide to the National Debt”, and it will be held at the Leeds School of Business.

The national debt is enormously important to politics, economics, and investment, but how well do we understand it?  My sense is that no one has a complete understanding of the debt and its implications, just as none of the blind men could fully comprehend the elephant.  I certainly don’t claim a complete understanding of the debt, but I have made some surprising discoveries that could shine some light on the subject.

We will consider questions such as:

  1. Does the debt matter?
  2. What implications does the debt have for interest rates?
  3. Is the Treasury managing the debt prudently?
  4. How much does the Fed impact the Treasury market?

Please contact me for details if you are interested in attending the talk.

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