Puzzle #8: James Bond

Few know that a scene was cut from the James Bond movie Goldfinger.  Bond has been captured by Goldfinger and is strapped tightly to a large turntable.  Bond’s feet are at the center of the platter and his head rests on the outer edge.  A powerful laser is positioned just above his forehead.  Goldfinger is about to set his nefarious machine in motion and then leave the room (I’ll never understand why villains do this).  When he does, the turntable will begin to revolve exactly once per minute, and the laser will fire once a second.  The laser will fire exactly one second after Goldfinger starts the device, and every second after that. Bond will start turning like the second hand of a clock.  The first blast will miss Bond’s head, but in one minute he will be back where he started and the sixtieth blast will kill him.

Bond notices a control panel behind Goldfinger’s back.  There are buttons that determine how often the laser will fire.  Most of the buttons are blocked from his view by Goldfinger and other equipment, but he can see the whole numbers from 20 through 28, representing the number of seconds between laser blasts.  As a “00” agent, Bond always hides a cyanide capsule in his mouth, and one of his many skills is precision watermelon seed spitting.  He figures he can change the timing of the laser blasts without Goldfinger noticing.

What number should Bond select to give himself the most time to escape? Hurry!

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2 Responses to Puzzle #8: James Bond

  1. Peter says:

    Just a number? every number other than 23 will kill him within 13 minutes.


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