Quasi-random Christmas Trees: at the Movies

In Quasi-random Christmas Trees, I applied quasi-random numbers to the decoration of Christmas trees.  Quasi-random patterns can be used to arrange ornaments without bunching them together or leaving large blank spaces (problems that typical random numbers can cause).  You don’t need to know in advance how many ornaments you will be using, as you would if you were using some kind of grid pattern.

I now have some animated examples of quasi-random Christmas trees.  The first one uses a pattern generated by the numbers 2 and 3 to distribute the ornaments nicely around the tree:

The second example, based on 29 and 31, leaves large gaps until hundreds of ornaments have been placed, but I like the pattern:

By the way, the original post on quasi-random Christmas trees seems to be especially popular in France.  Si vous êtes un de mes lecteurs français, je serais content de recevoir des nouvelles de vous. Merci et Joyeux Noël!

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3 Responses to Quasi-random Christmas Trees: at the Movies

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  2. édouard says:

    Nice post. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur! 🙂


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