Puzzle #10: A Hint

Puzzle #10: Erratic Bond Pricing? asks you what might explain some apparently erratic swings in yields for certain sporadically traded municipal bonds.  I stated that the bonds share the same issuer and maturity date.

The puzzle is a bit sneaky, so it’s time for a hint.  While the bonds have the same issuer and maturity, I did not say they are completely alike in all respects.

Hope that helps.  Let me know.

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8 Responses to Puzzle #10: A Hint

  1. Jeff Pickett says:

    Different coupons? Or, if same coupon, are they being affected by the de minimus rule?


  2. Jeff p says:

    And Win, thanks for this website. It’s fun and makes me think.


    • Win Smith says:

      Jeff, thank you. I’m glad you enjoy the website, and I hope it continues to interest you.

      Yes, I know your colleague Dave Abel, and I’m also learning from him. He is really the source of this puzzle.


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