Talk on Alternative Factor Investing

QWAFAFEW* Denver meets September 12th with a discussion on alternative factor investing!   Please RSVP now.

Event Details and Location:

We will meet at the Cactus Club in Denver, located at 1621 Blake St, starting at 5:30pm. Our format will allow ample time for networking both before and after the presentation.

Featured Research 

The explosion in alternative data has been both a blessing and a curse to investment managers. Many more data sources have become available, thus expanding the opportunities for uncovering new sources of alpha. At the same time, the risk of wasting time on data issues or other dead ends has also increased. George Bonne from MSCI will join us to lead a discussion on the “alternative dataset” landscape and how investors are incorporating these tools, highlighting areas where research has indentified factors that add marginal explanatory power beyond traditional factors.

About Our Speaker

George Bonne, PhD, PRM joined MSCI in 2016 as Executive Director of Equity Factor Research, where he and his team work to create new and innovative factors to be used in MSCIs analytics and index products. Current projects involve exploring alternative and big data, exploring machine learning in factor construction and other areas, and investment crowding.

*Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance, Education, and Wisdom

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