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Spam Followers

A wave of spam followers has hit this blog, so I removed the “follow” feature.  If you are sincerely interested in following this blog, please do so by contacting me.  Thank you.

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A Mathematician’s New Year’s Resolutions

Originally posted on Math with Bad Drawings:
Speaking of the new year, here are some funny resolutions from the “Math with Bad Drawings” blog. I like the one about completing chores in finite time. I bet Zeno never finished cleaning his room! Math with Bad Drawings View … Continue reading

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Fast Formulas #5: Quasi-Geometric Series (The Other Trick)

In Fast Formulas #3: Pool Average Life with CPR Prepayments,  I described Formula 3.1., a compact formula for the average life of a prepaying loan pool, and  I wrote that the formula had been found by using  “a couple of … Continue reading

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I Need Your Advice on Formatting

I am considering a change to how I format equations on this blog, and I would like your advice. Here is an example of how I have been formatting equations: W = D [ (1 – Cn)/c + d (dn– Cn )/(C – d) ] However, if I … Continue reading

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Follow Me on Twitter

Now you can follow @SmithWinthrop on Twitter. See you there!

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