Financial Math Puzzles

These fun, original puzzles can help sharpen your understanding of financial math. Some have been used in college finance courses.

I  learn valuable insights from your responses. For example, the shortcut formula I developed for Fast Formulas #3 was based on a very clever solution to Puzzle #3 by Ashwani Singh.

Puzzle # Original Post Follow-up Posts
1 Mortgage Average Life Clue, Answer, Epilogue
2 Weighted Average LTV Follow-up Questions, Answers to Follow-up Questions
3 Mortgage with Balloon A Better Answer
4 Bond Pricing
5 A Royal Mystery Leaping to Conclusions
6 Treasury Debt
7 The Mysterious Islands  Treasury Island, Part 1
8 James Bond*
9 Island of Games Binary Sudoku and the Limits of Visualization, Melting Fractals
10 Erratic Bond Pricing? A Hint, The Answer
11 A Pi Day Problem**  The Answer (Pi-Fingered Aliens)

*I admit that the James Bond puzzle has nothing to do with financial math. But it is Bond math.  James Bond math.

**Not really financial math either, unless the Pi-Fingered Aliens are actually floor traders with unique hand signals.

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