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Generating Sitemap Links with Excel

We have become good friends with the Ysais family of Kyle, Texas.  They visited us in Colorado last summer and we all had a great time.  Corrina stays in touch with Marie almost every day, our daughter Skypes and plays … Continue reading

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A Tool That Would Have Helped Reinhart and Rogoff

Economists Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff (“R&R”) have been widely cited for a study that concluded that growth rates for countries with public debt over 90% of GDP are lower than for countries with less debt.  A recent critique by Thomas Herndon … Continue reading

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Fast Formulas #3: The Spreadsheet

Fast Formulas #3: Pool Average Life with CPR Prepayments showed a shortcut for finding the weighted average life (“WAL”) of a homogenous pool of loans assuming a constant prepayment rate.  The shortcut, Formula 3.1, takes just a few steps to calculate … Continue reading

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Tables vs. Fences

In Good Fences Make Good Spreadsheets, Part 1 and Part 2, I advocated the use of border rows and columns to manage blocks of data for SUM calculations. These borders, or “fences”, ensure that the totals will always reflect any … Continue reading

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