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Puzzle #9 (Follow-up): Melting Fractals

The song “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen celebrates “frozen fractals.” I suppose a frozen fractal is something like the Koch snowflake. Lately, though, one of my puzzles has made me more interested in melting fractals. The challenge of Puzzle … Continue reading

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Quasi-random Christmas Trees: at the Movies

In Quasi-random Christmas Trees, I applied quasi-random numbers to the decoration of Christmas trees.  Quasi-random patterns can be used to arrange ornaments without bunching them together or leaving large blank spaces (problems that typical random numbers can cause).  You don’t … Continue reading

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Quasi-random Christmas Trees

When I studied mathematical finance at Oxford, one of the classes introduced me to a topic that still fascinates me: quasi-random numbers. Quasi-random numbers differ from the better-known pseudorandom numbers, and not just because of the hyphen. “Quasi” means “almost” while “pseudo” … Continue reading

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The Name of the Blog

I’ve been asked about the name of this blog. Why “The Well-Tempered Spreadsheet?” The name alludes to Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, which illustrated the versatility of a newer tuning system with keyboard pieces in all major and minor keys. It is … Continue reading

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