Some of the posts on this blog deal with economics.  They fall into three categories:

  • Treasury and Fed.  Insights into how the Treasury and the Fed are managing their portfolios.
  • Treasury Floaters.  The Treasury has begun to issue its floating rate notes.  I questioned part of the Treasury’s rationale for floaters.
  • Other.  There are three posts on the Reinhart-Rogoff controversy, two about precious metals, and one about a proposed reform of the municipal bond market.
Treasury and Fed Treasury Floaters Other
Article in Pensions & Investments My Comment to the Treasury on Floating Rate Notes The Reinhart-Rogoff Film Festival
“After the Taper” Slides Now Available Treasury Floaters: An Update The Reinhart-Rogoff Film Festival: A Deleted Scene
Adventures with the Treasury and the Fed Seeking Alpha Article on Treasury Floaters A Tool That Would Have Helped Reinhart and Rogoff
Getting it Wrong on the Treasury and the Fed Another View on Gold
Talk at the Chicago Fed Gloom-Boom-Doom
Extending the Weighted Average Maturity: Complete Nonsense Pitfalls to a Proposed Market Reform?
QWAFAFEW Talk on the National Debt: The Slides
The National Debt is Closer than it May Appear
Is the Treasury Really Going Long?
GARP Presentation on Interest Rate Risk and the Treasury

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