A Revolution in Physics?

My friend Ben Solomon has been researching basic physics from a fresh perspective in an effort to make interstellar space travel practical. Although the scientific establishment has previously been slow to accept his work, last week a publication of the American Institute of Physics, Physics Essays, announced that it will publish Ben’s paper “Gravitational acceleration without mass and noninertia fields.” The paper is now available online here (subscription or purchase required).

Ben has developed a new formula for gravitational acceleration, g = tau c^2 that does not depend on mass but on time dilation. He has tested his formula against the gravitational fields of the planets and the sun.

The applications of Ben’s work could include a new way to propel spacecraft and better ways to protect them from cosmic radiation. I hope that his ongoing research gets adequate funding, because if Ben is on the right track, his work could lead to some of the greatest innovations of the 21st Century. For more on Ben’s research, see his website.

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